keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2008

Seam embellishment of the week

I can't tell why ordinary buttonholes are so difficult for me. The result is always uneven. Because I do not like them, I've used them seldom. In my pink block I made small fans out of them adding beads.

I have neglected my block lately because I have had other things in my mind. We live in an old house and we have here a serious clutter issue. That is because my husband wants to keep everything and can't give up anything. Well I have spent 7 whole days now cleaning and sorting our stuff (mainly his). The house is less cluttered now, I am satisfyed. Maybe this situation calls some Zen mood, I hope LOL. - Still we have our carage untouched. It is meant for 2 cars, but now can't take even one. Decluttering the carage will be a BIG job when the weather warms up.

2 kommenttia:

Ati. Norway. kirjoitti...

Don't worry about your buttonhole stitches, they look fine to me and the fans are great!!
Why, O why, can't we give up all the mess we have? Because on some day we need just that item we have saved for such a long time.
I have thrown away things in the past and I regret much now I do CQ!

Judy S. kirjoitti...

Hi Malla,

I just love the way you do the different fans on your CQ blocks. They are SO pretty.