keskiviikko 16. tammikuuta 2008

Seam embellishment of the week

Now the stitches used are the chain stitch (or lazy daisy?) and the stem stitch. When embroidering my spring block I made a seam very similar to Lesa's - as if I had anticipated LOL. The stitches are not quite even because I measured by eye only. As to stem stitch, I love it! It is so useful in making waves and curves. On my spring block the tiny flower basket is sewn with stem stitch.

I have to stop embroidering my spring block, even if I don't want to! I have to leave some seams unbellished for my exchange partner as well.

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Judy S. kirjoitti...

Hi Malla!

Your spring block is very pretty. I like the way you did Lesa's lazy daisy stitch before even seeing it!
Nice color choice! And the fan is very cute, too.

Judy S. kirjoitti...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I added a link for the bunny pattern in case you're interested. :>)

JK kirjoitti...

This is looking great! When I did the seam embellsihment on that block that Lesa has on her site, I used variations of that stitch. If they are joined it is called a "Chain Stitch", if they are just used in a single stitch it is called "Lazy Daisy". Hope that helps.