sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2008

JAN TIF embellished

The Stitch Diary cover is nearly ready. I have loaded lots of stitching & beads. Also did some SRE, mut my stash of silk ribbons & lace is practically zero. Must do some shopping.

The result is not very elegant, but I do like some parts. I like the half circles on the upper right corner and the flowery border in the center. In Judyth's newbie baggie I got the butterfly and the sequin charm in the lower left corner. Now I'll remember her everyday! Thanks Judyth!

My greatest dilemma is that I do not plan in advance. I'll try to learn to plan more in my future works.

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gocrazywithme kirjoitti...

My greatest pleasure is that I don't plan in advance! Maybe that's just the way you are, too. I've found that when I've had to work around my unplanned dilemmas, that's when I really learn something new and useful.
Janet in Colorado (USA)