tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2007

Recycling - The big green project

I have a big pile of green blocks, pieced using my green laces and embroidered motifs of old table cloths. This is going to be The Job for the winter! I really had lots and lots of unused old stuff, so I'm glad to have found a way of recycling them and finding them some use.

I'm going to sew a big cushion and a cover for a wooden couch in the kitchen. In the cushion I can use some buttons & beads, but not for the cover as I'll be sitting on it.

Here are a few samples of the blocks. They are all different, on some there are already some stitching done. I have been practising lately the French knot and the Cretans.

6 kommenttia:

Maddie Can Fly kirjoitti...

Malla, I love how you have recycled your embroidered linens. Your piecing is just excellent! (Lesa from CQforNewbies)

Charlene kirjoitti...

Wow! You've certainly got the block making down to an art, and your stitching looks beautiful to me. Love those pink birds! Once you discover recycling, you must be careful to keep some things to wear :-).

WIPPYSPLACE kirjoitti...

I see that you are a very fast learner!! keep up the good work! Your dying, stitching, and recycling and all off on the right foot. Should you decide that green is not your *thing* --you can send it all to me--I would be delighted! cqfornewbies-*~*CAROLE*~*

Judy S. kirjoitti...

Hi Malla,

Your work is beautiful! I'm glad you explained that you've been recycling your linens. At first I thought you must surely be the world's speediest embroiderer! It will be fun to see the finished cover.
Judy in WA

Garden Chick kirjoitti...

Wow! What a great idea to recycle all that stuff! You have some great pieces to recycle, I have to keep my eyes out at yard sales from now on!

Ati. Norway. kirjoitti...

HI Malla, I like your green blocks very much! What a joy it must be to use all that "old" stuff.
And I love your dog too!!