keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2007

Lace treasures

Yesterday I was dyeing old laces and doilies. They turned great! Here is a photo on the yellow laces. I have some golden & brown printed cottons to combine with them.

The green dye went on and on... So I got a lot of green lace & green cottons. I have so plenty of those now that I might quilt a monochromatic green big quilt!

Do you have any ideas what to do with thease treasures?

3 kommenttia:

Ati. Norway. kirjoitti...

You can use them all in cq, take care of them all!
You also can make embroideries on the lace. When you visit more blogs, you will see lot of opportunities.

Maddie Can Fly kirjoitti...

Beautiful colors! I see lots of lacey blocks in your future (LOL) (Lesa at CQForNewbies)

Susan kirjoitti...

Love that green! These laces would be so pretty together in a block of greens and beige.

Something I saw in a quilt store. A black velvet pillow with a white doily sewn on top, and mother of pearl buttons stitched all around it. I don't know how the green would look on black, but I'm betting it would be great - or on beige. The one I saw was heart-shaped.