keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2008

Gifts from a CQ friend

It's so nice to have CQ friends all over the world! One of them is Helena, a Finn who lives in Germany. I 'won' this beautiful blue bookmark in her blog, only because I happened to say my comments in time. She posted also these beautiful laces and some silk ribbon dyed by her. I was very surprised and happy! Thank you once again Helena!

2 kommenttia:

JK kirjoitti...

Hi Malla...thanks for visiting my blog sweetie..

Your work is simply beautiful and lots of eye candy!!

Hmm...I think that ribbon you were asking about on my Winter Block is pre-made by the yard. I have seen it in a few fabric stores in the area and it is prettier in person...

Judy S. kirjoitti...

Hi Malla,

I enjoyed looking at your TIF block and as always, your stitching is beautiful!