lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2007

Encrusted class / lesson 2

I've been looking at my blocks and finally decided to be brave enough to start with one. Of course working is difficult because I do not know what is coming in the next lessons. Well, it does not matter - this is practise!

I tried to produce one of Sharon's herringbone borders with bullion roses. I am happy I got the herringbones spaced well and the bullion roses are ok. But look at my lazy daisies Shouldn't they be among the easiest ones? I thought adding some french knots would make the border seem better - but not! I can't get french knots ok when using mouline threads. Only with perle cotton they are allright.

To me this part of the pink block seems quite busy now - but I have practised and that's the major point.

On the photo you see also a very useful 'template' which I found among my husband's tools.

4 kommenttia:

Momma Bear kirjoitti...

oooh! pretty, pretty!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
i'm glad you were inspired! that was my Idea, to inspire others.

Charlene kirjoitti...

Very pretty. Extreme embellishing does tend to look a little busy to me sometimes, but it grows on one. Don't you love finding tools that work for more purposes than they were intended? That looks like a neat one!

Sharon kirjoitti...

Hi Malla you are doing so well with your seams. I know it can look busy sometimes to me too but that is what is crazy about it. I am glad you are enjoying the class I am hoping to take it the next time....thanks for sharing.

gocrazywithme kirjoitti...

Hi Malla,
I think you're doing beautifully on your stitching! Remember, with lazy daisies that represent leaves, that leaves in nature are never perfect. They vary in size and shape, so it's fine for yours to vary too.
I also think that the little wobbles and slants of hand stitching are part of its charm. You can get perfection from a machine, but for individual flaws that make stitching personal and interesting, you've got to have a real human being!
Janet in Colorado